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Our Specialties


logo Design Packing Design Brand Book + Press Kits Art Direction Graphic Design Marketing Collateral Presentation + Toolkits

Content Creation

3D Motion Graphics Cinematics Video/B Rolls Advertising + Campaign Still Life + Editorial E-commerce Volume Social Media Content Directing + Filming Editing + Post Full Production

Digital Environment

Website Design Videography Social Media Marketing Graphics Design SEO + SEM Copy Writing Email Marketing Web + Social Media content Creative Ad Campaigns

About Us

We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing Service

Vita Media is a growth marketing firm fueled by technology and driven by a talented team of consultative marketers, creatives, analysts and technologists. We ignite revenue growth and brand recognition for leading and emerging brands around the world.

Marketing is no longer about a singular offer or what your brand presents visually. It’s a sprawling journey with countless touch points.

Consumers shop with their values and gravitate towards brands they trust. They want to be a part of a tribe. A story. What’s more, the path to purchase needs to be fast, frictionless and personable.

The media landscape is vastly different, too. Measurement is smarter but also harder than ever.

Marketing should be a strategic business driver, a road that leads to profitable revenue growth and brand lift.

Our experienced team develops custom marketing playbooks fueled by your data, market trends and industry insights to set you apart from the competition, designed to drive revenue and brand lift.

When you know the customer journey, singular channels don’t matter because you’re building a strategic program. That’s what we are in the business of: igniting growth and brand recognition for the brands we are lucky to call our clients.


CEO & Director of Vita Media
Work Flow

Our Working Process

Building the Avatar audience for the client, choosing the right platforms to advertise in, building the marketing content and opening fire!
Initial client consultation

We will meet with you to discuss your needs and goals for the advertising campaign. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your target audience and the products or services you want to promote.

Research and strategy development

We’ll conduct research on the target audience and the competitive landscape to develop a strategic plan for the campaign. This will involve market research, competitor analysis, and other forms of data gathering.

Creative development

Our creative team will work on developing the advertising materials, such as the ad copy, design, and messaging. They may create several different concepts and present them to you for feedback and approval.

Campaign execution and optimization

The advertising materials are finalized and sent to the media outlets for publishing or airing. We will also track the performance of the ads and make adjustments as needed.

Campaign analysis and reporting

After the campaign has run its course, the agency will analyze the results and prepare a report for the client. This may include metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversions.

Media planning

Our media team plans the placement of the advertisements, such as which publications or websites they will appear on and when. They may also negotiate rates and contracts with the media outlets.

“Revive your business”

Performance based marketing agency, We will give you results or your money back!

Vita Media is a media buying agency, our sole focus is to get you brand as many clients as possible while keeping the quality of the service and product.

We’re going revive your business via growth, accurate targeting, multiple platforms and lots of italian coffee


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

What We Do

We're Ready to Grow Your Business With Us

Whether if you’re a starting business or wanting to grow an existing business, our solutions will be perfect for you. We’ll provide the best service with our professional staff your business will be on the right way.


Marketing Strategy
Business Innovation
Marketing Research

Our Marketing Experts

Meet the team behind Vita media, they are ninjas!


Amir Shalom


Yulia shiko


David F. Mendelbaum

Marketing Expert

Pricing Plans

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Basic Plan


Site inspection (SEO & Speed)

Google PPC managed campaigns (Including YOutube)

Google Tools implemention/Optimization 

24/5 customer support

Standart Plan  (Place a Best seller badge on it)

Site inspection (SEO & Speed)

Google PPC managed campaigns (Including YOutube)

Google Tools implemention/Optimization 

Social Media Management (Content+PPC for one social platform)

24/5 customer support


Premimum Plan


We’re your marketing department! 

Landing pages by demand (Max 3 a month) 

Site inspection (SEO & Speed)

Site Management

Google PPC managed campaigns (Including Youtube)

Google Tools implemention/Optimization 

Social Media Management (Content+PPC for 2 social platforms)

Email Marketing 

24/5 customer support



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